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August 23, 2011

GoAEYC Fall Conference – Oakton Community College – October 15th

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GoAEYC Summer 2011 Newsletter

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GoAEYC Scholarship Information and Application

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Follow this link:

July 26, 2010

New Grade Requirements – Illinois State Board of Education – All Teacher Certification Candidates

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For all those students wishing to obtain a teaching credential in the state of Illinois, a grade of C or above is compulsory for all coursework that is required for the teaching credential.  This would include courses in your major, all education courses, and required general electives.  (Effective 2012, Illinois State Board of Education)

May 6, 2010


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IBHE Update

Illinois Test of Basic Skills – Minimum score requirements for the Illinois Test of Basic Skills will be raised September 2010, making the test more rigorous and geared at a college sophomore level. Beginning January 2010, no individual may attempt to pass the same test more than five times.  Any previous test attempts for the same test made prior to January 12, 2010 do not count toward the five-time limit.  Students can retake portions of the basic skills test (subtests) as needed; however, each test date counts as one of the five total attempts allowed.

January 15, 2010


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If you aren’t aware of what constitutes plagiarism when submitting a paper or project, these resources can be very helpful.

From the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:

 From Plagiarismdotorg:

January 14, 2010

Illinois Teacher Certification Testing System Website (ICTS) – Illinois Basic Skills Test

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Helpful Links to Counseling, Advising and Transfer + Transfer Guides

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Links to CLC EDU/ECE Department Webpages

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Visit the Early Childhood Education Web site or view the info sheets (PDF): degree programs or certificate programs.

Visit the Elementary Education Web site.

November 4, 2009

ECE/ECU Student Blog Information

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Welcome to our new CLC ECE/EDU student blog. Through this blog, we will be able to communicate with you quickly regarding advisement updates, new courses, course requirements, upcoming conferences and workshops, and other important information pertinent to our ECE and EDU degree and certificate programs.

Please check this blog frequently for new posts, interesting article links and professional resources. We will also try to post job opportunites as we are made aware of these from our community contacts, agencies, programs, and schools.

Kathy Johnston, Chair – EDU
Michelle Proctor – Professor, EDU
Diane Wolter, Chair – ECE

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